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Odense Cycling Guidelines

Here's some cycling guidelines for when you ride your bike.

Taking the bike in Odense

Cycling is an important part of the culture in Odense. 



10 cycling guidelines

  1. Keep right at all times.
  2. Raise your hand up high before you stop.
  3. Give hand signals to the left or right before turning.
  4. Check over your left shoulder before overtaking cyclists and other road-users.
  5. Always overtake other cyclists on the left.
  6. Do not ride on sidewalks/pavements, pedestrian crossings or pedestrian streets. Cycling is however allowed in pedestrian areas from 21-09
  7. To turn left at an intersection you must first cross to the opposite right corner of the intersection. If there's free passage you can continue, but if not, you have to wait for the traffic light before continuing.
  8. A short ring on the bell is often a signal that a cyclist wants to pass - So please keep to the right.
  9. From dusk to dawn, bicycles must be equipped with bicycle lights front and rear.
  10. It is prohibited to more than one adult on a bike.

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